Baird Jones gave thousands of parties in New York City nightclubs and galleries for more than 
20 years. His parties were always free to get in with free drinks. Baird felt that if celebrities can
go to a club and get right in, he would offer the same for people who couldn't afford it.
Baird had millions of permanent party passes printed up and distributed over the years.
His passes had a characture of him and the motto "Over a million persons have gone free to parties hosted by Baird Jones BA JD MSW MA MA" and that's probably an understatement.
He taught other party promotors how to get good deals for the people and now that Baird is no
longer with us, his friend Cris A.C. carries on in his tradition. -
Baird had 5 graduate degrees but his main interest was promoting parties and getting press.
His name would show up in the gossip columns on a weekly basis, with some juicy quote.
He also curated many gallery and museum art shows. He originally collected the artworks of
the East Village artists, but then switched to celebrity art of which he had hundreds of pieces.
Baird Jones wrote 2 books "Sexual Humor" and "Mark Kostabi and the East Village Scene
1983 - 1987" For more Baird info go to